A Tale of Two Foxes (Not Personalised)

A Tale of Two Foxes (Not Personalised)


Though stories are born from an authors imagination and although The Tale of Two Foxes is largely fictitious it was based on a story told to me by my father-in-law, a lifelong countryman and gamekeeper.
Whilst he was recounting an experience hed had during the course of his work it became apparent that he cared deeply about the fate of one particular aged female fox.
In the story, her fate and eventual demise is different and the Cubs, Newton and fly, came from my own imagination, however all the characters are based on reality, there was an old vixen and there were fox Cubs.
Im grateful to Ron for both the inspiration and for the depth of his knowledge, which he put at my disposal during the course of writing the story.
The story is a look at every day events that can affect the lives of all of those creatures,  human or otherwise,  which share our countryside and all of the activities that go on in it.
I hope you enjoy it.

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