Personalised Name’s First Day at Nursery School

Personalised Name’s First Day at Nursery School


Beautifully Illustrated children’s book with your child’s name in the story

Settling a little one smoothly into the first steps of their education journey is an important task and responsibility for any parent. This lovely personalised book certainly will help smooth the way.

Name, Skinny Monkey and Mummy prepare for first play days at nursery in this heartwarming story dealing with going to nursery and making new friends. This beautiful book is a must-read for any little one and their grown-ups, when first days at nursery or play school are looming on the horizon. Exquisitely illustrated and a joy to read, the story sees Name and her mummy flow effortlessly into a positive and fun environment.
Big steps taken slowly and happily, leading to a happy, settled little Name meeting lots of new friends and a lovely new teacher.

About the Author: Award-winning English writer Mike Molloy has got 20 years of experience in the field of writing children’s books that deal with child psychology and development.
His books are aimed at developing the child’s personality and ability to face problems and resolve them.
They also deal with children’s fears and these books help them cope with critical moments in their life.

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