The Saxon’s Socks (Not Personalised)

The Saxon’s Socks (Not Personalised)


Written by Mike Molloy bringing a humorous view of this turbulent period in the history of our great and beautiful country whilst introducing this greatest of Saxon heroes in a way never before seen. Fab illustrations by the brilliant Alex Chepelev, this hilarious and lovely book will be enjoyed by all readers from 7 to 70.

The Saxon’s Socks is a comical and beautifully illustrated story about the turbulent encounters between the Saxon’s and the newly arriving Viking invaders.
The vikings were hell bent on colonising Britain as their own inhospitable homeland was totally freezing and the land was so rubbish they struggled to even grow so much as a sour old cabbage.
The big fearsome men from the north thought they had found the perfect place to settle as all the Saxon inhabitants were terrified of them and ran away every time they saw a fierce Viking, the vikings had it all their own way until the heroic young Prince Alfred decided enough was enough.

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